Traditional, Adaptive Riding & Equine Assisted Learning

Welcome To Elle Equine

Empowering Lives through the Grace of Horses

Programs beyond  learning to ride; forging human-horse connections that lead to transformative learning experiences and lasting growth.


Through engaging with horses, individuals gain increased confidence, self-awareness, and a sense of achievement, empowering them in various aspects of their lives.


The unique bond formed with horses in our programs offers profound emotional healing, aiding in overcoming personal challenges and promoting mental well-being.


Skill Development

Our equine-assisted programs not only teach horsemanship but also foster essential life skills such as communication, responsibility, and empathy.


Tiffany Coury (Founder/Manager/Instructor), Niko and Noelle

Photo of Tiffany Coury (Founder/Manager/Instructor), Niko and Noelle

Elle Equine

Transformative Experiences

Discover a world where horses heal and empower at Elle Equine, the premier destination for equine-assisted growth and learning. 

Our programs, set in a serene environment, are tailored to foster deep emotional connections and personal development. Each session is a step towards self-discovery and healing, guided by our compassionate team and our extraordinary horses.

Who We Help

Our Clients

We specialize in serving those with physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities and at-risk youth who could benefit from experiences with equine partners through a variety of mounted and unmounted activities.  We can serve clients with several different types of disabilities and/or life-challenging circumstances such as:

Our Horses

Meet Our Heroes

Meet our beloved equine family: Niko, the resilient Dark Bay Dutch Warmblood who’s taught us about perseverance; Noelle, the graceful Dark Bay Hanoverian whose spirit shines both in and out of the show ring; Smalls, the friendly Bay Welsh pony with a knack for teaching beginners; and Adette, the communicative Bay Dutch Warmblood who continues to amaze us every day.


16 Hands Dark Bay Dutch Warmblood



17.1 Hands Dark Bay Hanoverian



13.1 Hands Bay Welsh Pony



Bay Dutch Warmblood Show Horse



17.1 Hands Bay Hanoverian


2 Convenient Locations

Elle Equine Locations


Rosemary Meadows Equestrian

1115 Cantlon Lane
Reno, NV 89521


The Center for Adaptive Riding

6505 Bonde Lane
Reno, NV 89511

Programs & Investment

Lesson Program Details

Our basic lesson programs range from 8-12 weeks and may extended for those students wanting to advance. Each client has one lesson per week at the same day/time. Lessons are either private or with one other rider depending on goals and objectives