Services Offered

We offer a variety of equine assisted services that will be client-centered based on physical, cognitive and emotional needs and goals.  Our most common services are described below.


Adaptive Riding and Horsemanship Program

Our adaptive riding and horsemanship program focuses on teaching horsemanship skills to clients both in unmounted, as well as mounted settings. 

Based on each client’s specific needs and goals, this may include teaching riding skills while fostering a client’s growth physically, cognitively and emotionally.  These classes can be offered to ages 4+ and can be conducted privately or with a small group of similar clients.  Our classes are designed to empower our client’s and assist in developing a variety of skills that carry over into everyday life.  This serves as an effective support system while clients work towards reaching new goals and attaining independence in a safe environment.


Equine-Assisted Learning Program

Our equine-assisted learning program is a hands-on learning approach that utilizes the horse as the client’s partner in exploring a multitude of positive development attributes. 

This includes positive communication, self-respect and self-awareness, respect of others, healthy self-esteem, trust, responsibility and accountability, as well as conflict resolution.  This learning program often incorporates a complement of groundwork and horsemanship activities that may be both mounted and unmounted.  Our learning programs are client-centered and may also be used as academic classes for home school students.

Mental Health

Equine-Assisted Learning Program – Mental Health

This equine-assisted learning program uses the equine’s objective nature to create a client-centered self-empowering experience.  Horses have a gift of giving feedback in real time through their nonverbal communication and ability to reflect the experiences and emotions of each client.  We will work closely with a client’s mental health professional to ensure a safe, healing and empowering space for personal growth and development.

Traditional & Trail

Beginner/Intermediate Traditional and Trail Riding Lessons

Our traditional riding program allows students the opportunity to experience our horses through the traditional English riding discipline.  Our horses have vast experience in showing dressage and hunter/jumper and are considered “school masters” of the work itself.  We will tailor a program specific to each student’s prior knowledge, experience and riding goals.


Youth Internship Opportunities

Our passion for youth development and the trade skills necessary for barn management and equine care intersect to create special internship opportunities for youth looking to build a resume and career path in this field.  Youth interested in this opportunity will need to complete an application and interview.  If selected, we will collectively create an internship plan that is person-centered to ensure goals of development are met. 


Equine Short-Term Rehabilitation Program

Elle Equine can support horses in need of short-term rehabilitation so that owners can get back to doing the things they love to do with them!  We will work with owners, veterinarians and other complementary practitioners to ensure a successful rehab.