Meet Our Heroes

16 Hands Dark Bay Dutch Warmblood


Niko was my very first heart horse.  He has been in my life since he was 11 and he is now in his early 20’s.  Niko came into my life as a dream hunter/jumper horse and, through multiple injuries and a health issue, has become one of my best friends and reasons for starting Elle Equine.  He is a beautiful Dark Bay Dutch Warmblood and measures about 16 hands.  Niko has taught me more about resilience, perseverance, grit and unconditional love than any other horse or human in my life.  

17.1 hands Dark Bay Hanoverian


Noelle is also one of my heart horse’s and deepest soul mates.  She came into my life during Niko’s rehabilitation to become my “been there, done that” hunter and derby show horse.  As a school master, Noelle is a 17.1 hands Dark Bay Hanoverian with an external beauty that matches her spirit.  She has led me to much success both in the show ring, as well as in my personal growth and development.  Now in her mid-20’s, Noelle is still one of my favorite horses to ride in equitation or on the trails.  I often call her my “war-horse” because she brings a level of integrity, courage, personal responsibility, attentiveness and a strength of will that is so uniquely her.  She and Niko are best buds and it’s through their energy and love that gave me the desire and confidence to start Elle Equine.

13.1 Hands Bay Welsh Pony


Smalls is a 13.1 hands Bay Welsh pony and the newest member of our family!  He has many accomplishments teaching beginner children riders how to walk/trot/canter and jump with the best show ponies in Northern Nevada.  Smalls loves to search your pockets for treats and at 15 years of age, still loves his job!  He is a comfortable ride and his calm demeanor helps his rider’s build confidence while learning the techniques of riding.

Bay Dutch Warmblood Show Horse


Adette is also my heart horse and one that I share so much love and patience with.  She is my 13-year-old beautiful Bay Dutch Warmblood show horse and she came into my life when she was 9 years old.  Adette and I have been having so much fun coming together and building an amazing friendship both under saddle and on the ground.  Adette has a gift for communicating with humans and will be a wonderful partner for those interested in doing equine-assisted learning with her.



17.1 Hands Bay Hanoverian


Ralph is one of the newest members of our family and has quickly stolen my heart as one of the sweetest horses and one of my favorite rides!  His background, training and list of accomplishments rivals most, getting his start with some of the top Grand Prix trainers and then finding his “sweet spot” showing the national and international hunter/jumper circuit with top accolades.  Ralph is 17 years old and a school master with the willingness to teach beginner riders and those looking to perfect their skills.  He is one of the most beloved horses at our barn and many of us are grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from him and love him.